Rhiannon Westhorp-Janz

Doing it for myself and others like me

I live with Ulcerative Colitis. It’s hard. Really hard.

The impacts and consequences of the disease reach into every aspect of my life. Articulating the full scope of the disease is not an easy thing to do, plus it’s not a pretty thing to talk about. 


On top of the physical side, other impacts include; on average I spend 9% of my paycheck on medical expenses, every time I drive in a car I am fighting an anxiety attack, Difficulty sleeping. Plus the side effects of medications which totally mess with your body and therefore your confidence and self esteem.


There is no cure for this disease. This is my life. Forever. The last 6 months for myself have been particularly hard and resulted in my hospitalisation for 5 days. 

But I’m hoping one day to find a drug that works for me, or even better a cure, or prevention.

So, I'm putting on my sneakers, and Haddie is getting into her harness, to achieve 150kms and raise awareness and much needed funds for people living in Australia with IBD.

All proceeds go towards Crohn's & Colitis Australia who provide research, education and advocacy programs for people living with IBD.

5km a day might not seem like much to you. But to me, in the middle of a flare, trying to stabilise in new medication, it’s huge.

However I’m dedicated to achieving this challenge, to help raise awareness and money, but to also reclaim my fitness, my life and to prove to myself that I can.

So please support me and others like me and donate. Every $ helps and means the world to me. All donations over $2 are tax deductible.


Rhi & Haddie 

Thank you to my Sponsors



Your stronger than you seem Braver than you believe Tell this desease who's boss!!


Kate Gg


Gran And Grandad Janz

From the best Grandparents (who don’t do internet banking and believe in cold hard cash).


Nicola Roach

Best wishes Rhi with this!


Sarah Byrn

Yaas Queen! You can do it!


Tony Janz


Rachel Hosking

Sending you love, courage and hope for the future. Very proud of what you've already achieved and i aspire to your level of ambition.- Rach xx


Lexy Pearsall



Meg Richens

So proud of you Rhi. impressed by your bravery.




Madeleine Mcdonald


Penny Westhorp

Go my darling! You are one of the bravest people I know facing up to these life-long life-changing effects of disease and treatment. I am so proud of you!


Sam Hurwitz


Claire & Nick

To the moon and back


Hera Whinfield

Good luck, good work and we wish you all the best for your management.


Jacqueline Borsboom

Great initiative and good luck with the walk!


Elena Broekman

Sending lots of love to you and your walking shoes - your amazing - you go girl!


Derek Choo


Janet Hurwitz

Best wishes, Rhi! You can do it! Keep your eye on that adorable brown spot on Haddie,s wiggling tushie!


Maddy Hodgson


Sally Betton

You got this Rhi! Xx


Vicky Cabangbang

We are here for you ❤️


Mandy Milne

go Rhiannon


Victoria Beal

You’re not alone x


Goran Torlak


Eric Tan

You're a champion Rhi! Much love


Rohan Pullen

All the best Rhi! You've got so much support behind you from friends and family - everyone's rooting for you! <3


Denis & Karen Prodea

We hope it all goes well Rhiannon.