Natalie Reid

Total activity 158kms

I'm undertaking the Live Fearless Challenge this September

I'm putting on my sneakers to raise awareness and much needed funds for people living in Australia with IBD. The Semi Colons (very funny stuff because I had my large bowel removed in 2013) are setting out to run/walk/swim/cycle 5kms a day for the month of September. That’s 150km in one month.

My own battle with Crohn’s disease was a long one, it stole a whole heap of my 20s from me, but it had a happy ending. Getting to this point was painful, exhausting and involved surgeries, medication, scopes, scans, tests and the most difficult decision I’ve ever faced. 

BUT I’m one of the lucky ones! I’m healthy enough to take on running 5km a day for a month. I’m doing this for all the people with IBD that can’t. So that they might have a light at the end of their tunnel. Because it’s a shitty tunnel that nobody deserves to be in. 

Any support for this cause as we take on this physical challenge would be greatly appreciated! 

All donations over $2 are tax deductible.

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Nicole Butterley

You are amazing, love you longtime!


Kim Nelson

You got this super chicken So so proud of you! Love your sidekick Barry x


Jaimee & Bill

So proud xx


Capulus Espresso

Great work Nat ❤️


Harry More

Well done Nat! Sorry I didn't join in the running. Great to see you've smashed the goal!


Ed Morris

Hopefully this helps!


Eleanor Hodge

Wish I could have joined the team, Nat! Unfortunately I did a trial run, and it took me about 1000 years to do 5km with the twin stroller 🥵 I was just too time poor at the moment juggling the little ones. Best of luck for the rest of the month x


Natalie Reid


Sarah Chapman

You’re amazing Ugs x


Joanna More

What a team leader, well done


Anthony Houston

Good on you Nat x


Anna Hill

So proud of you lovely ladies!!!!!! You’re kicking butt my fellow fat German!!!!


Genevieve Ryan



Best team leader, ever !!


Sarah Atkinson



Alex Rodrick

You’re amazing, Nat! X


Grace C

'Onya Nat! huge effort, keep it up! :)


Alex Pilkington-kerr

Love you. Good luck!!


Karina Howard


Nell Pilkington



Customer Patty from salfresh Sandy Bay says goodluck and good on you (-Lydia)


Jen Leishman

Good onya swan(ya)! Keep up the good work! xx


Lucy Smallwood

Amazing work Nat!! Can’t wait to see the celebration pics from the finish line :)


Sue Hall

Because you're my hero.


Peter Reid


Georgia & Richard

Amazing work Nat! Xx