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I'm part of the Live Fearless Challenge this September

I'm putting on my sneakers to raise awareness and much needed funds for people living in Australia with IBD. I have battled pan colitis and medication side effects for 30 years. It has tested my physical and mental mettle. So this is a cause close to my heart!

A cure is what we are after for those suffering and for the new generations being diagnosed. Kids as young as 7yo get IBD; that's a tough gig.

I greatly appreciate *any* $ contribution and assistance to raise awareness of these horrid *invisible* relentless illnesses.

All proceeds go towards Crohn's & Colitis Australia who provide research, education and advocacy programs for people living with IBD.

All donations over $2 are tax deductible.

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IBD can recruit and rerecruit anyone any time

Pan ulcerative colitis (UC) started for me at age 22. Uni studies completed, athletically the lean mean fighting machine, my first job, first car... my wonderful life as a young adult all set to unfold. I could not comprehend then what it would be like living with UC for 30 years.

Toilet sessions 10-20 times a day for weeks. The tearing agony of bowel motions each time, crying out in pain and the blood and mess in the bowl. The exhaustion. The insomnia. The uncertainty.

Medications to put you into remission instead driving you up the wall and robbing you of a once robust nervous and adrenal system, or ironically giving you diarrhea. The mood swings and insomnia from high dose anti inflammatory medication. Withdrawal lows as you come down. 

Unless you have experienced the relentlessness you will not understand. How do you plan when it takes off like a freight train in days and settles over months. Till the next time; a totally random event.

It is an endless roller coaster, and you learn to make the most of the highs, and the mediums and even the lows. For that is life. That is living. That is the lesson.

No one likes a complainer. You just get on with it. There are many worse off than you. Oh you poor thing! Do any of these sayings help?

I have long forgotten what true wellness is like. So long as I smile and walk and talk, many think I am just fine. Invisibility the most insidious aspect of the illness.  

UC has taught me there is much joy in life. I truly laugh and smile often. Sure I've experienced bullying, discrimination and ignorance, but with acceptance and gratitude and by focussing on what one can do versus what one can't. Much ...muuuucch can be achieved and enjoyed.

So please when you think of IBD. Do not think of “a touch of diarrhea”. Do not think of a condition that is curable nor that has treatments that necessarily work. Most importantly do not for a moment think that an IBD sufferer is defined by their illness. We are the walking warriors and it would be unwise to underestimate us.  

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Bruce Murphy



I hope you raise a lot of money for a worthy cause Lisa.


Tessa Nunan


Henry Chiem

Hope you're well


David Apted


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Lisa Apted


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Keep up the good work.


Ian Brinckman


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Good luck Lisa


Pamela Larkins

Dear Lisa, lovely to hear from you xo


Janet Jensen


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Susanne Apted

walk like the wind


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Rachael Oldmeadow

Great to take positive steps for a good cause.


Glenys Anderson


Steven Kennedy

Hi Lisa, Lovely to hear from you after all these years. Go well on the challenge! Steven


Lester Martin

Hope you and extended family are well. Virginia and I were off to Cairns but cancelled some time ago Flying and airports were our biggest worry.


Lisa Apted


Theresa Clark


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