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Levon's Story

I have lived with Crohn’s disease since I was 21. I can say with confidence that as much as living with a chronic illness has exhausted me and challenged me, I gain strength daily from knowing that I have the courage to live my life fearlessly and embrace my condition as an opportunity to demonstrate leadership in my community and professional life.   

My journey, thus far, has not been what one would call traditional. I started working in the jewellery industry at a young age, gaining experience in the niche art of diamond-setting. Following my studies at the Enmore Design Centre and my apprenticeship, my brother and I have operated our own Australian jewellery manufacturing business and retail brand for almost two decades.  

Recently I have branched out and taken on the distribution side of the business, alongside my professional career in Marketing, Communications and Brand Management in taking on many categories in the luxury world including fragrance, cosmetics, accessories and fashion. This has taken a lot of strength and courage and further deepened my entrepreneurial passions.  

Living with Crohn’s disease has involved me taking many leaps of faith including one which led me to be recognised for my business methodology and place in the top 15 of the University of Sydney BOSS Emerging Leaders Program. My many years of sacrifice and hard work are a testament to the strong work ethic that I was raised with and I am fortunate to have developed a keen philanthropic spirit and deep-rooted desire to help others in need. Living with Crohn’s has intensified my compassion and empathy towards others in ways I did not think were possible.  

I have a greater hunger to strive to achieve what I want to in life, both professionally and personally. It has instilled in me an innate desire to share my story in the hope that the many leaps of faith I have taken in my life will inspire others to live fearlessly and go after what they truly want.  

Courage has been, and continues to be, the driving force in my career and private life. The personal growth that has resulted from my struggles of living with Crohn’s disease has been tremendous. The growth I have experienced from pain and struggles cannot simply be described in words, it is a lifelong experience that continues to shape me. I am glad to share my story with my fellow CCA community and our family and friends. 

I'm undertaking the Live Fearless Challenge this September

I'm putting on my sneakers to achieve 150kms and raise awareness and much needed funds for people living in Australia with IBD.

All proceeds go towards Crohn's & Colitis Australia who provide research, education and advocacy programs for people living with IBD.

As I tackle this physical challenge, it will help to know that you have supported me with even a small donation.

All donations over $2 are tax deductible.

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