Jarrod Sinclair

Total activity 254kms

That’s a wrap

Pretty pooped, but proud!  Have a swim to go tomorrow then I will sign off on this months challenge.  Thanks to everyone for your support, it’s been fun and humbling too!  Fair trip down memory lane for us all also.  Big congrats to my team tummy bugs partner Simone: she is one brave person who has been through the wringer to also come out the other side so grateful.  Thanks y’all?

Week three

Still going strong, but a a tad weary this week.  The outdoor pool in town opened on the weekend so get to enjoy that now:) though coooler than the heated indoor pool I've been churning up and down!!  Thank you everyone: homestraight!!

Week two

Living fearless.  Morning swims and the ride to work are going well!!  Dusty helped me clock a few kms on the bike today as we hit the rail trail together and headed to Axedale for a counter lunch!  Over $2k raised to assist CCA improve life for people living with IBD: who are often challenged by the physical complications and physiological impacts associated with chronic illness.  For those who aren't in remission on either front - this month is especially for you.

Week one

Week one down.  30 laps in the pool each morning for a total 7.5 km of swim distance and the ride to work covering 50km on the bike.  Magpies are in fine form with only 2 trips where I haven't been swooped!!  My helmet is copping a heiding:)

Thank you to everyone for your generous donations and kind words of support and encouragement.


I'm undertaking the Live Fearless Challenge this September

A recent study reveals that 1 in 2 Australians living with Crohn’s disease and ulcerative colitis (IBD) experience psychological distress associated with these chronic illnesses.   Yet, only 16% of patients reported being asked about their mental health by their doctor or nurse. 

Diagnosed with Crohn’s disease during my late teens, I was aware of the physical challenge for the most part as a result of the pain, discomfort and urgency that I experienced.  I completed my signwriting apprenticeship and managed my condition as best I could.  My mind was strong and as an eager young man it would take a lot to slow me down.  And so, a lot it did! 

In 2005, I was 24 years old and would spend most of that year in hospital fighting.  The severity of my illness became apparent, my robust mindset could no longer support my worsening body and my future was uncertain.  

Lots of tears, pain and frustration ensue...  As well does incredible support from friends and family, nurses, doctors and medical staff.  Since that period, I’ve spent a lot of energy concealing my illness for fear of judgement and shame. 

I now see the strength, confidence and freedom I can instil in others when I am brave, stand up, support and guide people who are confronted with similar battles.  Life is made of good days and bad days, ups and downs, is relatively easy and sometimes hard.  Regardless the dish served at any given moment: be you, be strong and do not be ashamed of impairment or disability. 

This month I am doing the #livefearlesschallenge and covering 200km to raise awareness of the psychological distress associated with chronic illness.  I will be swimming 30km and cycling 170km during September!  To achieve my goal, I will ride to work (10km round trip) and hit the pool (1.5km weekdays).

All proceeds go towards Crohn's & Colitis Australia who provide research, education and advocacy programs for people living with IBD.

As I tackle this physical challenge, it will help to know that you have supported me with even a small donation.

All donations over $2 are tax deductible.


Thank you to my Sponsors


Rochelle Whalen

Good on you Jaz. Smash that goal.


Craig Hird

A great effort Jazz! Well Done! From the Hird’s


Kelly Buckell


Peter &lesley Rudd

Good luck go well The Rudds👍




Jason And Jessica Connally

Always thinking about others no doubt about you Teddy


Corey B

On ya Jaz, I bet them red cans will go down well at the end of it


Chris Clem

Inspirational stuff mate! Great job!


Layla, Carter And Ava Hofton


Jade G

Go Jaz!! 🏊🏻‍♂️👍💪👏


Sean Ginnivan

Awesome stuff mate, recon you’d be right for a triathlon after September!


Lyndal Johns

Good luck!


Jeff Frost


Helen Curran

My awareness is raised! Good luck with the challenge....


Kim Unterrheiner

Inspirational Jarrod! Great work and Goodluck 🙌


Leon Darby

Scott made me, help


Heath Saunders

Great work mate, good luck👍🏻


Mel And Duff Sinclair


Frances Duffy

Jarrod, Great job, a wonderful achievement for you & your family. Regards to you all. Frances & Gerald P.s. Don’t forget to eat your broccoli !!


Andrea Duffy

Keep on kicking goals Jarrod! You are an inspiration.


Anita, Justin, Ewan, Lily And Quinn

Best of luck Jaz!


Vicki Ellis

Fantastic effort Jaz well done on meeting your challenge - proud of you.


Glenda And Keith Bird

Well done Jarrod. Great effort


Joanne Sinclair

Great work Jaz/Dad, love Jo, Dustin, Samuel and Lachlan xx



Go Dad!


Marcus Hutton

Go Jaz


Phil And Tracey, Alexandra And Emily Carroll

Go Jaz/ Uncle Jaz........such a great thing to do x


Scott And Tracey Sinclair

You Keep kicking those goals jazz.


Kevin & Melinda Sinclair

Gutsy effort son, like all challenges you have undertaken in your life, you can’t help but succeed. Remembering 2005 well for all the wrong reasons. Torrid time for Joanne and myself. All the best in this challenge, so proud of your achievements.


Sue Hosking

good luck


Di & Les


Allan & Rosie Bates

Well done Jarrod, what you have achieved and are continuing to achieve since 2005 is just so impressive


Graeme & Betty Weaver


Amy Purdue


Jeremy And Sheree Rudd

All the best for a great cause!


John Craddock

Hi Jarrod, long time since l saw you last. Best of luck on your challenge