Doing it 4 Declan

Our total team activity 321kms

We're living fearlessly this September by participating in the Live Fearless Challenge 2021

We're getting active to achieve 150kms and raise awareness and much needed funds for Australians living with Crohn's disease and ulcerative colitis. 

As someone amazing once wrote, sitting in the hospital trying to figure out how to stop it all, how this is even possible, how someone so great got a condition unstoppable....(F.I.B.D. by Tayls)  

So last year I called our group Doing it 4 Declan, because I will always try to make you proud and fight to reach and help others struggling with this disease.  I miss you my friend.

If you can donate it would be appreciated.

Thank you....

Thank you to our Sponsors


Liz Kelleher

Go Leisa on those roller skates! Having lived with IBS my whole life I can imagine how debilitating this disease would be and hope my contribution can aid research to find answers and relief for sufferers and their families.


Tracey Murrin


Clive Fricke


Catherine Elliott


Gail Elliott

Step it out, Kiddo!!


Raylee Lenske

You have got this go girl love you


Donna Andersen

Love you Super Woman


Natalie Hughes

Good luck !


Jennifer Flynn

Go Girls! Such a great cause👏🏻 And you’re being so brave rollerskating. Can’t wait to see the hair flick, Leisa!😂


Emma Rush


Trish Hughes


Leisa O'brien


Isabel Daw

You can do it!