Stay active when you’re stuck at home

02 Sep 2021

Bored of sitting at home all day? Had enough screen time to last you a lifetime? Get your whole family moving with these fun ideas. 


  1. Online dance party- put your dancing shoes and turnup the volume. Invite your friends and family via video call and have a fun time dancing away the lockdown blues. Take turns picking songs, choreograph a routine, have a dance off or just dance till you drop.  
  2. Skipping- This is a fun (workout) activity for both parents and kids. Mix up the skipping routine for added fun. Do the one foot hop or try jumping sideways. Play some music for some extra groove. 
  3. Water-balloon fight- This is a fun backyard game which can be played individually or in teams. Add colour to the water and have your own version of paint ball at home. For a team game assign a colour to each team and let the games begin. 
  4. Gardening- Go outside, dig up some earth, plant a few seeds, pull out some weeds and put those green thumbs to use. Plant herbs, fruit and vegetable plants and keep a plant diary to track their growth. 
  5. Yoga- Have a family yoga session. Stretch, do some poses, get in some quality family time and relax. For parents with young kids, YouTube has some great relaxation videos made specifically for children. 
  6. Hula hoop- Hula hooping is all things fun. Grab a hula hoop and take turns to see who lasts the longest, or have a hula hoop-off (play some music to make it more fun). The best part is that it is a killer workout as well, so get some hoops in.  
  7. Silent disco- Partying with nosy neighbours can be a problem, enter silent disco. Grab a pair of earphones, tune in to your favourite music station or play songs on an app. Each person gets to choose what they want to listen to. Let the party begin!  
  8. Make an obstacle course- This can work both indoors and outdoors. Create an obstacle course using chairs, stools, boxes, cushions, bubble wrap etc. The possibilities are endless. If you have a yard, extend the course to the backyard. 
  9. Build a pillow/blanket fort- Get the family together and build a fort with blankets, pillows and sheets. Throw in some cushions inside the fort and add some fairy lights for some extra vibes. 
  10. Play musical chairs- A classic game of musical chairs is always fun. Setup chairs, the number of chairs should be one less than the people playing. Turn on the music and run around the chairs. When the music stops everyone has to grab a chair. The person left standing is out of the game. Continue this till you have a winner. To make it extra fun arrange the chairs in a zig-zag fashion. 
  11. Hide and seek- Gather the family and play hide and seek. Make it a kids vs adults competition, with the losing team having to do the dishes. 
  12. Scavenger hunt- Leave clues across the house for the kids. Place mini-treasures along the way to make it rewarding. End the hunt with a big grand prize. Have a game master to help the kids when they are stuck. 
  13. Hopscotch- Grab some chalk, draw a hopscotch on your driveway or balcony. If you don’t have either, use masking tape to draw one indoors on the carpet or the floor.