Listen to your body

27 Sep 2021

Ambassador Q&A with Teigan Nash

Teigan Nash is a TV Presenter, GoPro Ambassador, Friend of Australia, Podcast host, co-founder of Girls Who Glow and lover of dogs. The last one probably the most important. Teigan also lives with Crohn's disease, she was diagnosed not that long ago in 2018 so while it is all still new and very early in the remission journey Teigan still lives a fulfilled life.

"Learning to live with an autoimmune disease definitely has it's challenges, especially when I live such an adventurous life but something that I am super passionate about is normalising these conversations. Being ok with opening up to people and talking about it (and poop, I mean we all do it!!!) because what I've found is that when we start to open up and have these conversations it encourages others to feel comfortable and learn more."

Teigan has travelled the world working and living abroad. She loves the ocean and outdoors, sometimes a bit of a daredevil... She's known for her role on popular kids show Saturday Disney, she's worked on a number of different shows and most recently in these crazy unprecedented times landed a job as a host of a travel show on Channel 10, Roads Less Travelled.

How do you stay motivated and committed to your wellbeing goals?

For me it's all about having a routine and breaking habits. I've been working out on the road for the past 2 and a bit months so having a routine was completely out the window. Since I've been home I have been breaking those habits. So instead of waking up and looking at my phone straight away it's about waking up and getting the body moving or meditating, reading... however you want to start your day :) It's also about not putting pressure on yourself too. If you miss a day or few days that’s ok maybe your body needed the rest, I think it is important to listen to your body.

What self-care tips can you share with people who may be struggling to balance life and Crohn’s and colitis?

It's ok to say no. The old fear of missing out, FOMO. But sometimes if we say yes to everything and try to do everything and please everyone you are going to burn out. Remember filling your cup is way more important, it's not selfish to take that time for yourself to recharge.

Your job requires that you travel – how do manage your disease when doing so?

Taking rest when you need it. Yes I travel a lot, but I also let everyone know how I am feeling and if I am starting to feel tired or flary then I just pull my energy back. We do a lot of driving so whether that's someone else taking over the drive so I can have a nap or calling in early for the night and not going out with the crew. Also finding a supermarket and always travelling with snacks. Sometimes when we are in the middle of nowhere, knowing that I am prepared and have food I can eat is so comforting. Also maintaining a relatively good diet when I am on the road.

What is one thing you want more people to know about IBD?  

That when I say I need a bathroom, I need a bathroom haha!

No in all seriousness, it's important to feel comfortable within yourself and those around you that you can open up and talk about it. All my friends and even work colleagues all know my needs around having an autoimmune disease. I don't think there is 1 thing that people need to know it's just being comfortable and confident enough in yourself that you can express how you're feeling.