Benefits of Outdoor Exercise

03 Aug 2022

With Spring on the horizon and the sun starting to appear, getting out and exercising outside is the best! Exercising already has it benefits but exercising outside has additional ones, including:

1.    Vitamin D

One of the benefits of sunshine is vitamin D. Vitamin D is an essential part of a functioning immune system, decreasing the chances of autoimmune diseases developing and infections, and when sick it will not be as severe. It also serves as a regulator for mood, assisting with management of anxiety and depression.

Getting out and moving is important but roaming free when the sunshine is out is just as important!

2.    Convenience

If you are not interested in spending money going to the gym, or would prefer to workout on your own, exercising outside can be for you. If you are not sure on places to exercise, here are some options:

  • Going to a local park for running or walking
    • If there is a playground, can use the equipment to do exercises
    • Can also do yoga and other exercises at the park
  • If your local to a stadium or near a school, you can run up and down the stairs (fantastic cardio).

These probably aren’t convenient unless you’re lucky but still great outdoor activities.

  • Hiking areas

  • Nature activities like mountaineering, rock climbing, caving, and rafting are examples of activities if your able to access them.

3.    Being in nature

Something we often take for granted but is immensely beneficial. By just being outside there are numerous benefits:

  • Improving overall mood
  • Increasing energy levels
  • Improving eye health
  • Improve sleep quality
  • Improving the immune system

These are benefits of being outside which are so pivotal for overall physical and mental well-being.

4.    Social benefits

Exercising with others makes the tasks that you struggle to complete more enjoyable. Meeting with friends or family at the park to do yoga or going for a walk or run can help with keeping your motivation high.

Compare for yourself the differences between exercising inside and outside and watch how your physical and emotional wellbeing improve, not only over the short term but also over the long term.