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Need some help getting your fundraising started? Here's a few fundraising tools you can download and use to support your individual or team challenge. Stay motivated and spread the word about your challenge.

Live Fearless Champion Social Badge

You'll be able to share your achievement on social media with your generous supporters and thank them for getting behind you during September with the new 'Champion' social badge - COMING SOON.

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Share your journey on socials with your own photos and downloadable social tiles and stories - Social tiles will be displayed first then story tiles. Click on the image to get a full preview and download.

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Fundraising at work

Get your corporate team involved and sign up for the Live Fearless Challenge this September.

Wellbeing strategies for your IBD

The four-part series ‘Wellbeing strategies for your IBD’ has been produced by Flic Manning, founder of Corethentic and proud Crohn's & Colitis Australia Ambassador on behalf of CCA, to help support you through every aspect of your wellbeing. The series features some helpful wellness tips, strategies and exercises you can participate in from anywhere. Flic covers the 3 pillars of wellness (mental, physical and emotional) from the perspective of someone living with IBD and how to improve your wellbeing.

Corethentic workout video

This Corethentic video workout has been designed for beginners and for small living spaces - perfect if you want to work out at home! It can be consumed in short 10 minute bursts as you build up your endurance, or as a full 30 minute workout. Full of fun dance cardio, core, toning and finished with stretching and mindfulness activities; our complete wellness formula will help you create a quality of life that’s unique as you are.