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Justan Singh - NSW

Justan Singh was diagnosed with Crohn’s disease when he was two years old and has had many surgical operations to manage the disease. After surgery for a permanent ostomy when he was 21 years old, he became interested in raising awareness about ostomies and positive body image. As part of this mission, Justan invested his time and energy into improving his fitness and wellbeing. He his keen to share what he has learnt about exercising and diet with other young people who have struggled in the past with creating healthy lifestyle routines. 

He is a goal-oriented person and when he sets out to do something, he becomes really driven. On one occasion he stumbled across a barista coffee machine and was inspired to become an expert in brewing coffee. He brings this energy and commitment to the Live Fearless Challenge. 

Justan is also a dedicated volunteer within the IBD community and has given his time to be a speaker for CCA events and The Bottom End podcasts.

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Flic Manning - VIC

Flic Manning is the author of "Living Human", a memoir-self-help book about her experience living with Crohn's disease and mental health conditions. She is a public speaker, the CEO of Corethentic, a former choreographer and the host of Brainwaves on 3CR.

She has been living with Crohn's disease since she was a teenager, giving her over two decades of experience with this complex condition. She fundamentally believes that people with IBD deserve a high quality of life, and she spends much of her time advocating for the needs of the invisibly disabled and chronically ill people in Australia in the hope of changing the outlook for the next generations who experience IBD.

She loves the live fearless challenge, because it shows the community what we are really capable of and this year she would be so grateful to have your support as she ticks off every kilometre. Help Flic flush the stigma this September!

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Kiara Schonberger - NSW

Kiara Schonberger is a 23-year-old Commerce and Education student who has been living with Crohn's disease for 7 years. Kiara's diagnosis at 16 didn't come as a shock due to her family history of Crohn's disease and other autoimmune diseases. At the age of 18, Kiara experienced a significant flare up of her Crohn's disease, leading to hospitalisation and an entirely new treatment plan. Kiara now receives regular Infliximab infusions, allowing her to keep up with her academic studies, part-time work, social life, and dancing.

The 2019 Live Fearless Challenge was the first time Kiara publicly spoke about her diagnosis of Crohn's disease. For Kiara, hiding her chronic illness was so common that many of her close friends didn't realise the significant impact this disease had been having on her daily life.

Kiara continues to spotlight Crohn's disease and advocate for young people living with this often invisible illness.

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Danya Schonberger- NSW

I was diagnosed with Crohn’s Disease at 19 after years of symptoms that were overlooked by health professionals. Receiving a diagnosis and starting on infliximab infusions dramatically improved my quality of life and now I am a qualified social worker, disability researcher, and advocate for those with invisible disability. 

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Bruce Rosengarten - VIC

Bruce Rosengarten has had an extensive senior executive career including roles that took him across our region and internationallyWhile living with ulcerative colitis for over 40 years, he built a highly successful career, however, it took him 39 years to admit publicly he has colitis. He has often taken up roles in not-for-profit organisations as a passionate believer in supporting the community.

Bruce is the author of Passionate Leadership, and today runs his own consultancy and is a member of several advisory Boards as well as being Chairman, Crohn’s & Colitis Australia.

Since 2018, Bruce has raised more than $22,600 through participating in the Live Fearless Challenge and has consistently featured at the top of the fundraising leaderboards. In 2022, he wants to be chased again, and is happy to come second, third or even last, but beware he will fundraise hard for a cause he is very passionate about.

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Harrison Bence - VIC

Harrison Bence (everyone calls me Haytch!) is 26 years old and has been dealing with Crohn's disease since being diagnosed at 21 years of age. Prior to diagnosis, Haytch suffered with fistulas requiring many surgeries and is currently under the Alfred Hospital IBD clinic in Melbourne.

Haytch’s aim is to be the best father he can be, but also to get back into competitive basketball and doing all the normal day to day activities people take for granted. Haytch wants to get back into the workforce (working with his father) to support his family and feel like he is contributing. Working with IBD can be difficult as the disease is very unpredictable and you never know how you will feel each day.

“Last year the Live Fearless Challenge allowed me to spread the message to all of my friends and beyond about how we live daily and the struggles we face with IBD. Many people had no understanding of what we go through, and they supported me by donating their time and money to help raise much needed funds to help with research and support fellow IBD patients. I hope this year will be even bigger and better!”

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Sarah Starkey - SA

Sarah Starkey was diagnosed with ulcerative colitis in 1998 at 13 years of age. Sarah is a Palliative Care Nurse Consultant working in the largest Palliative Care Service in South Australia. Sarah is a huge advocate for body positivity, empowering and inspiring others in their own journeys, whether that be IBD, IVF or miscarriage awareness.

“My stoma has given me the life I deserve. I love that I have battle scars to show where I have come from and how strong I am.  For the past 12 years I have had control over my body and it feels incredible.”

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IBD Nursing Team - NSW

The Inflammatory Bowel Disease (IBD) Service at Liverpool Hospital was established in 2011 by Prof Susan Connor, Dr Watson Ng and our first IBD nurse, Alexandra Sechi. Since then our team has expanded to include other IBD specialists, IBD nurses, allied health team members, and administration staff, all are crucial to the running of the service.

The Liverpool IBD Nursing team is focused on providing the best possible care to those living with IBD. We aim to empower and work with those under our care to achieve optimal health outcomes and quality of life. Our team is passionate about enhancing IBD care delivery through the integration of innovative and evidence-based models of care and the use of information technology.

It is an honour to be team ambassadors for the Live Fearless Challenge 2022. Our team shares the commitment of Crohn’s & Colitis Australia to provide support to those living with IBD and to increase awareness of IBD within Australia.

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